Do You Like Boats?

Great, now I’ve wasted fifty dollars on business cards that I now have to throw out. I was SO proud of myself for getting all of these printed as well. I’ve worked my way up in the company, got my own office, and I thought it was finally time. Time to print some business cards.

Then they arrive and they all say ‘Dave Normalguy, IT Manager, Consultant, Secret Wizard’.

WHY did I add that last part? I don’t remember doing it! And now the card printing people are probably super suspicious. And I’m usually so careful about that kind of thing as well. I was talking to the big boss over by the water cooler the other day, we were getting on great, and he was saying that he was looking for a good business in Melbourne for outboard motor servicing because he just purchased a yacht and he wants to go on boating trips. I laughed, because you just laugh at everything the boss says, and I was ABOUT to say that I’ll cast a spell of fair waters upon him and his family. That was as close at it ever got, though…I’m not a total idiot unlike some secret wizards. I could’ve blurted out something about fixing the outboard motor for him with a quick summoning charm, or perhaps summoning an ethereal boat crewed by lost souls so he and his family didn’t even need to do the sailing themselves. All of these things are impulses, but I restrain them. I just said something about Melbourne’s best outboard motor servicing being very professional and efficient, or so I’d heard, and then we started talking about the quarterly budget. Lucky escape.

At least I didn’t GIVE these business cards to anyone. And thank goodness I printed my normal, human, mundane name instead of my wizarding title with full honours. Goodness, that WOULD have raised some flags.