Cookie Treat Case


Type: Arts and Crafts

Difficulty: Moderate

Kid-friendly? Adult supervision required

This is a great gift for any friends and family that love sugary treats or arts and crafts. Unfortunately, none of the materials are organic, but everybody likes to be naughty from time to time. You’ll need to do a little bit of shopping first (and possibly consume a packet of Oreos or Tim Tams), but in the end, you’ll have a unique gift perfect for any creative person.


You’ll need:

  • An iron and ironing board. 
  • Thread and a zipper (new or recycled from an old pencil case).
  • Plastic wrapper from a packet of biscuits (Oreo, Tim Tam, Assorted Arnotts, etc).
  • Iron-on vinyl.
  • A pair of scissors.



  1. Cut the biscuit packet into two equal halves.
  2. Iron the vinyl onto the underside of each half.
  3. Take the zipper and place it in between the two halves of the packet. Sew the zipper between them, remembering that this will be the front of the case.
  4. Sew the two halves together, completing the case. Perfect for pencils or other art supplies, while reminding the owner of their favourite snack!