Most Chilled Office in the World

Imagine working from the beach. Hoo boy, that’d be quite the next level workplace environment right there. I went for a walk on the beach the other day on my lunch break, and I saw a guy just sitting on a beach towel, typing away. It looked serious, so I’m forced to assume that he was working. Just imagine it, though…desk all set up on the beach, doing all the usual business things, except you have sun, sand and surf to keep you company instead of Jacinta yapping about the latest thing her dog did.

It’s not a child, Jacinta! It’s not human! No one cares!

This is clearly the next step for office interior design: not actually having an interior. That’s not to say that we can’t have actual office design, but it’s going to have to go through some major changes. Obviously they’re going to have to compensate for the lack of office building in general, which…well, that IS going to change things. I think we need some kind of cabana set-up, so that we have at least some degree of professionalism. Just because we’re all relaxing on the beach doesn’t mean that we can’t have a bit of decorum, plus it gives our office designers something to design. Though the straw walls are still going to let in a lot of light and have wraparound openings, so everyone is going to need to bring sunglasses every day.

Power, also, is going to be an issue. We can get mobile internet, but I think someone is going to have to invest in some solar panels to generate the appropriate amount of power. Okay…I’m starting to realise that this might not work. As in, there might be a few issues with logistics. Sadly, entire offices may never be on the beach, and offices designers operating in Melbourne probably shouldn’t be saddled with trying to make something like that work.

Still kinda want to bring my laptop to the beach, though.