My Private Cave

I’ve become *quite* the survivalist in my time spent in this cave. Mum and Dad would be proud…or, they WILL be proud, once they see I’m alive and they know for sure that I haven’t been eaten by a large fish. It’s almost happened a few times, but all the ocean life pretty much knows …

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That Untapped Demographic

Channel 19, as it stands, is currently missing a travel show. I know what you’re thinking…we mainly focus on renovation and home living stuff. Cars, moving house…things a bit closer to home. At least, that’s where the big money is, and those shows get all the good ratings. But I’m proposing that we branch out …

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Do You Like Boats?

Great, now I’ve wasted fifty dollars on business cards that I now have to throw out. I was SO proud of myself for getting all of these printed as well. I’ve worked my way up in the company, got my own office, and I thought it was finally time. Time to print some business cards. …

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