Walls, Fame and Success

I had that recurring dream again: the one where I’m offered a starring role in a play purely based on my telekinetic mastery, because the main character also has psychic powers and the director didn’t want to have to pay for any special effects. And then I woke up…and I have no psychic powers OR a starring role in a play without having to audition. So…that’s annoying. Honestly, I blame the wallpaper. Just thought I’d splash out a bit on some digital printed wallpaper, because everyone at rehearsals was going on about it. Well, one person was. Cassandra says that she just got it in her lounge, and it’s specially formulated from a Buddhist meditation pattern than helps her creativity. She apparently spends two hours sitting cross-legged on her coffee table each day, absorbing the creative juices from the wallpaper, and it’s done wonders for her productivity apart from the two less hours in her day. I don’t know, it seems to be worth it for her. Now I’m wondering…is this a thing? Do people DO this? And more importantly, is there some sort of wallpaper pattern that a person can absorb to make them better at acting? I’ve just gotten so tired of being in the chorus. Always a chorus, never a main cast, that’s me. Maybe I’ll have a bit of a search, see if the ancient Japanese Kabuki theatre actors had a secret wallpaper that they used to charge up their theatricality. That sounds like the kind of thing that used to be secret, but is now common knowledge, you know? Or perhaps the opera performers in 17th century France actually used vintage wallpaper to the same effect, charging up their energy for the performance of classics.

No one else must know. The power of the wallpaper must be all my own. Mine, and whichever internet site that gives me the info.