Chilling With My Car

Probably the worst thing about being a fan of classic Japanese cartoons is how difficult some of that stuff is to dress up as. Characters designs nowadays are really dull, man…the industry has gone way downhill. Kids in 2018 who say they’re an fan of anime just don’t understand what we had to deal with, stitching together massive wigs that get caught in doors and elaborate outfits that are a serious fire hazard. Nowadays, all the pretty protagonists have basic hairstyles and no one can be bothered to draw them cool outfits.

I remember getting a driving license, JUST so I could dress up as the main male protagonist from ‘Pretty Car Dealer Sailor Hoon’. That was also the day I learned about auto electrical. Bentleigh garages were the ones I was visiting, since it was as far away from the convention premises and I didn’t want to spoil my costume idea. Eventually I just ended up going to Bentleigh for all my car and mechanic needs, because…well, you get to know a place. Bear in mind, NONE of my forum friends knew who I was going as, and I made it clear that I couldn’t drive. And yet, in secret, I learned to drive, saved up for the right car, decked it out in decals that made it look just like the one from a show, and spent time learning about mechanics and auto electrical stuff, just so I could make it all look authentic.

Then the day came, and I rolled up in my costume-car (the car was part of the costume, obviously…), and everyone’s jaws dropped. And then the engine exploded because I filled it with a chemical that made the exhaust smoke turn green like in the show, but that doesn’t really work in real life. So, back to my mechanics in Bentleigh, who told me never to do that again. Yeah…as if I’d dress up as the same thing twice! SO tacky. I suppose I also needed the car for work, so this was all a one-time thing.