Window Peek

I’ve long accepted that I’m the neighbourhood sticky-beak. The sooner you just get these things out in the open, the sooner you can keep enjoying your hobby without any lingering guilt. I used to peek out the window and convince myself- badly- that I was just doing it for security reasons. Or that it was just a normal thing to do, so why think about it? Everyone does it, for a few hours a day.

How silly. I’m a nosey eavesdropper, and I’ve embraced that. So naturally, windows are of great importance to me, because certain windows are just better for spying on the neighbours and getting all those juicy details. Sash windows were very nice, but the sash part tends to block my view. I looked for quite a while to find really good installers of replacement aluminium windows near Melbourne, because they have the most convenient options across the board. The ones I’ve installed can be opened and closed with nary a sound, and you can’t really notice much from the outside when it happens. This, of course, is great for picking up on conversations. The other benefit is that they look quite nice, but not garish enough to draw attention. My whole house is just quite pleasant, but not so much that people would be tempted to let their eyes wander. I just fade into the background…just me and my nice windows. No need to look over, although even if people did, I have one-way curtains so they won’t actually see anything. My setup is perfect, essentially, and I’ve invested in the perfect chair to allow me to sit here for hours and observe.

Speaking of windows and entrances, the Baileys across the street are having timber door replacement done…and Mr Bailey has NOT informed his wife, who is at a conference. No door at the moment, so that’ll be an argument I’m looking forward to hearing…

-Mrs Bingley