Super Mechanic




I think my mechanic might be a superhero. Now, I know how crazy that sounds, but hear me out. By the time I have laid out all the evidence, I’m sure you will agree with me. So, let’s get started.

This all began when I went to my local mechanic based in Frankston for a regularly scheduled service. Everything was going normally – Barry greeted me at the front as he always does, I handed him the keys and he told me that he’d be done in a few hours. Barry’s workshop is located near the Bayside shopping centre, so I figured I’d get some lunch and maybe catch a movie. As I headed over toward the shops, I realised that I’d left my wallet in the car! Naturally, I headed straight back to get it. When I returned, I couldn’t find Barry anywhere. Neither could I find my car keys. 

I figured that perhaps Barry had simply gone to get some supplies for my car repair. Without my wallet, I had no choice but to wait around for him to return. Two hours later, a man who looked vaguely like Barry – but couldn’t have been him, as Barry normally wears glasses – arrived at the workshop. He gave me an odd look, then went into a private room. A few seconds later, Barry walked out of the room! He handed me my keys and said that he’d completed the car service for me, including a car air conditioning service. Near Frankston, there may be a lot of people who look like Barry for all I know, but my suspicion is that the man without the glasses and Barry are actually the same person! 

It sounds crazy, I know, but just think about it. I’d sat at that automobile workshop for two hours and hadn’t seen my car worked on at all. How did Barry manage to fix it while being somewhere else? The only logical explanation is that he has superpowers of some kind. I’m not sure what they are, other than that he can remotely fix a car, but he definitely has them!