Eyes not following










Has anyone else looked at a kid or a baby and thought the child’s eyes were moving in an odd way? Now, I’m not talking about some weird demon-like movement that we’ve all seen in horror movies. I’m referring to subtle movements. These movements could include the eyes darting from side to side or not following objects when presented in front of the child. I’ve even noticed when a child’s eyes don’t react to bright light or their pupils appear to have a white cloud. Whenever I’d see these characteristics, I assumed it was just a normal part of child development. 

It’s amazing how once you have your own kids, it really changes perspective on a lot of things. There are things I’d see kids do that I thought were strange, and other things that I thought were a normal part of development. When my first born was a baby, I noticed they seemed to struggle to follow objects with their eyes. I’d hold a toy in front of them and they’d not be able to follow the path I was moving the toy. After some reading, I learned that this was one of many signs that my child needs an eye test. Brighton has a great optometrist near me so I will book an appointment for the coming week.

My husband and I have never had any complications with our eyes. Neither of us wear glasses, and we’ve always had a perfect result on all our eye tests. I’m kind of surprised that our child is having any problems with their eyes! I guess things like this do skip a generation. My husband’s mother is the only person in the family who wears glasses. Either way, it’s looking like I need to https://baysideeyecare.com.au/kids-eye-tests. For all I know, this eye might be an eye problem that could be easily rectified in the early years of development. I know for a fact that I would regret not taking care of my child’s eyes sooner if it meant a chance to prevent any difficulty.