Disability and all









Here I am, disability and all. My name is Sarah. I’m a 29-year old disabled woman living independently in Adelaide. I try my best to live independently, but it’s a struggle. I have a physical disability that affects my mobility and keeps me confined to a wheelchair. I didn’t always have this disability and I think that’s what makes it so hard. I got into an accident eight years ago that left me unable to walk as well as needing a lot of medical assistance for my internal organs. The first five years of living with a disability were the hardest years of my life. I hated myself and couldn’t stop thinking about the life I used to have. It felt like my life had been robbed from me and there was no point living anymore. My insides became basically non-functional without daily medical attention, and I couldn’t even walk around anymore. My whole life suddenly became a thousand more times more difficult. There was a chance that I’d one day be able to walk again, but sadly rehabilitation did not work for me. 


Over the last three years I’ve started to accept that this is who I am. I could either live a life hating my entire existence, or I could accept that I am still just slightly different. I’m trying my best to maintain a more positive attitude and find ways to live more independently. One of the ways to increase my independence is this thing called SDA housing. Adelaide has a few SDA housing options which is a bonus. It’s essentially a specialised housing part of a program for people like me. Through this program I’ll have access to a range of options such as shared living arrangements, and apartments and houses that are better setup for people living with physical disabilities. 

After speaking with an expert, it was ruled that I matched the NDIS high intensity support care criteria. I’d be surprised if they told me I didn’t match the criteria. My disability is so extensive that it impacts nearly every aspect of my life.