Oversharing On Feet

My colleague, Mandy, won’t shut up about bunions. I get it, Mandy! Maybe if you didn’t wear those ridiculous heels all the time… sigh. I’ve tried that move before and it just eggs her on, if anything. She’s obsessed with high heels, which means she got a broader than average knowledge of common foot problems, but I just don’t care.

Give me my comfortable, structured brogues with arch support inner soles any day. I don’t even really like the look of high heels – from what I can tell, most people who wear them struggle to walk in them without looking like a baby goose. Why bother? More to the point, why bother me with running commentaries on your latest foot care treatment?

Honestly, if you thought the stuff about bunions sounded like an overshare, get a load of this: Mandy also has plenty advice on treatment for corns and callouses… oh, and various kinds of toenail fungus. Let’s not forget that little doozy. You’d think the woman was considering going into podiatry. There’s nothing wrong with her enthusiasm for these topics, but leave them out of the water cooler conversation, you know? This is a law firm, not a foot clinic.

Maybe Mandy thinks I’m interested on account of my penchant for sensible footwear, but the fact is that I wear these shoes because they don’t give me any problems, and therefore I never have to think about this stuff. Or maybe she thinks I already have issues with my feet, in which case that’d be none of her business.

The one thing I am slightly interested in knowing is which podiatrist she sees. Evidently, whoever they have a rare gift for generating interest in foot health, and has in fact created a passionate evangelist for the cause in the form of Mandy. That’s some serious influence.