Cringe TV, Okay

Alright, so it’s all about Lizard’s Lair now. Everyone is watching it, the girls at work all talk about it, and I guess I better at least skim through a few episodes so I know what everyone is talking about. Alright, so…show about people doing stuff in front of a panel. All very standard. The people on the panel are all extremely rich, which is also normal. I think I can get the hang of this fairly quickly. It’s like all those singing shows, except instead of a song, you’re presenting a wacky invention.

I’ve only seen one episode in full, but it was a kitchen design special, so..great. Apparently kitchen designers based in Melbourne are super hot stuff and there was a big sponsorship deal, so they had a whole week with people bringing in various inventions to do with kitchens. One guy tried to flog a ‘brand new’ idea for a grinder that you can dump food into, which one of the Lizards pointed out was just a garbage disposal, and there was a word of warning for anyone who just stole an invention from another country and tried to pass it off as new.

Another young girl said that she’d invented a supercharged microwave that can roast a chicken in thirty seconds. Apparently all kitchen designs within the next five years will have them. Optimistic, considering that she demonstrated how it would work and set fire to the building, causing an evacuation that was caught on camera.

Alright, I’m seeing the point here. This is a show where you watch people fail and feel better about yourself. I get it. I can get on board with it.

I’m not sure anyone considering custom kitchen design really got any grand ideas from the show, however. You can blow up your kitchen, install something that most Australians don’t use, or…oh yeah, there was that guy with the self-cleaning counter. I liked him. I guess they always have to have ONE person on the show with a decent idea.