Fear of Stress

I have a friend who is so incredibly arachnophobic that he doesn’t even LOOK at pictures of spiders. He avoids every single one and just lives his whole life in fear of the next time he sees a picture of a spider and he gets triggered. Imagine that…no nature documentaries ever, in case they show up.

No point in being afraid of the unknown, which is why I’ve fully-equipped myself so that there ARE no unknowns. I’ve taken every single course under the sun and seen multiple psychologists to cure me of any phobia I might have had. You may call me a superhuman. An Ubermensch. No weaknesses, because I’ve purged them all with science.

If I had to pick the best investment for people without my time or resources, there ARE some excellent stress-management courses in Melbourne that you can attend. You might think that hypnosis to remove all semblance of procrastination from my life and personal training to instil utter physical perfection would be more important, but no…all of it pales in comparison to proper stress management. Stress, if left unchecked, can seep into your life like a virus and ruin everything else. Stressed people are unproductive people. In fact, going on a course to manage my stress was one of the FIRST things I did. If I’m embarking on a quest to turn myself into the perfect superhuman, the last thing I needed was an anxiety attack in the middle of my meditations hanging upside down in the mountains. That would have been stressful for the average person, but for someone with a full corporate stress management course behind them, it was just an average Tuesday. I suppose it made everything a bit less exciting, going through my many trials and ordeals as an emotionless drone.

But I’m through it now. I’m powerful, inexorable. The perfect being. The only question that now remains is which of the world’s problems I’m going to solve first.