Lone Scientist

I just started playing Moon Rocks 5, and it’s so much pressure. Like, seriously, SO MUCH.

I’ve spent the last few hours in the storage room, surrounded by objects that have a vague connection to oxygen, trying to figure out some kind of system that will allow our glorious lunar kingdom to have oxygen forever without ever having to visit Earth. It’s not going very well, because humanity in general hasn’t figured out how to make that work yet and I don’t possess the entirety of humanity’s collective intelligence. I just do a bit of science in my downtime and I volunteered for the job because I thought I was going to be part of a team, not trying to work it out all by myself.

In real life, my town has some mighty fine oxygen therapy. Melbourne has the BEST, actually. I thought that meant I had a chance of just stumbling upon a generation-defining scientific discovery while I was tinkering with one of them, but this portable hyperbaric chamber is not yielding any secrets. It is inscrutable, at least from the perspective of a person looking to use it to create clean oxygen for an entire colony of people, forever. I suppose hyperbaric chambers are built for a single purpose, and also single occupants, so maybe I can forgive them for not quite meeting my expectations on this one.

I haven’t even looked at the inhaler; I don’t think that’s going to give me any great inspiration. The ventilator looks technical, but I doubt it can be applied on a large scale. Maybe we can make the domes massive hyperbaric chambers? I don’t know… Melbourne science is advanced, but not that much.

Good grief, why has no one thought of doing a bit of research on this before? It shouldn’t be up to me to provide unlimited oxygen to hundreds of people. Brother James has said that he thinks moon rocks contain oxygen if you crack them open, but we won’t actually know until we’re there, and then it’ll be too late.

I’m also going to be late to work tomorrow if I don’t finish this level before 3am.