Anyone Up For Some Renovations?

I think we’re pretty close to our Pro Fidget Spinning goals. We have enough people for two teams, which isn’t really a league, but at least we can have exhibition matches to raise interest. People will flock to the sport once they see how it’s a perfect balance between standing up and moving, and not moving all that much. I mean, it’s not every day you get exercise with a very low chance of any sort of injury, except if you’re a goalkeeper and you decide to forego a protective mask.

The arena we’ve found is a little bit…well…it’s shoddy. it’s really old and shoddy, covered in dust (aggravating my allergies, I might add), and it needs some serious work before it’s safe. Like, I should put out a notice. Any handy folks with all sorts of aluminium accessories and ute toolboxes and big old drills that drill into the ground in a drilling motion. No one who plays in the league (or the pre-league) is really a handyman type, because we’re all people with sedentary jobs and lifestyles who’ve made this choice to get more active, but not too active. None of us have utes or toolboxes to get this place in working order.

Actually, I do remember a guy who did that sort of job around here. Actually, he was a REALLY general handyman, and he did almost anything. Wonder how much it’d cost to get one guy to renovate an entire warehouse, as well as optimising it for a sport that doesn’t really exist yet? Maybe it’d be a package deal of some sort. Come with your aluminium toolboxes and other strange tools of industry that us folks cannot fathom, and you can give us a discount because of our helplessness when it comes to industry. Or you can have season tickets to the league when it gets set up!