Kids These Days With Their Consoles and Party Venues

Man, I used to just eat crayons when I was little. That was my idea of a good time, and I’m not even one of those old folks who’s all like ‘back in my day, we had to walk sixty miles through the snow, and we had to drink our milk and eat spam out of a can while we sheltered in the bunker as the rain was falling.’

In fact, I’m not even thirty and I’m about to use the phrase ‘kids these days’, because kids these days have it SO easy. They all have their Playing-Stations and their Y-Boxes, and little boxes of juice. And there was me at that age, eating crayons. And now there are indoor play centres close to Melbourne that I seriously can’t even remember being built, which is weird because I live in a quiet suburb and I would’ve noticed. I should’ve noticed, anyway. Those things are huge, mostly because they have to fit in all the giant slides and climbing frames and gigantic inflatable elephants. And that’s not counting all the work that goes into filling the ball pits and hiring local people to staff them. But apparently there’s just such a massive boom and demand for indoor play centres and kids party venues that they’ve just sprung out of the ground. So that’s what kids do for fun now. They go to a play centre, which I guess is much better for them than staying at home playing on a console (well, physically better- gaming has all kinds of mental benefits). It’s like, way better for them than sitting at home and eating crayons, which have no nutritional value and can actually make you sick if you eat too many.

Just saying, though. I never got to go to a birthday party venue. Melbourne didn’t even have any near me when I was growing up anyway. I suppose I was just on the tail end of when they got super popular. That’s fine, I guess.