Entertaining a Tough Crowd

What is one to do with a cranky toddler and bored 9 year-old? Coming up with something that will work for both of them seems like an impossible feat. And yet, here I am, wracking my brains to try and piece together a fun day of activity – ideally, one that doesn’t involve doling out my devices and using up a month’s worth of mobile data.

You see, I need to prove to my sister that I’m good with kids in order to settle a long-running dispute between us. I’ve bet her that if, by the end of the day, Ronald and Ryan are still keen to hang out with me, I get to throw them a combined birthday party (at her expense). It might not seem like much of a prize, but it’ll prove my point. Plus, I work in corporate events – if I can manage that, surely I can deal with organising a kids party. Bayswater, look out for the shindig of the season.  

At least, that was my mindset until now: two hours into the day, with Ronald already on the verge of tears and Ryan muttering that his mum lets him use her tablet whenever he wants (almost surely untrue). I remain positive, though – all these kids need is some good old-fashioned physical activity. But it’s raining…

I guess there’s that place down the road. I’m not 100% sure what its deal is, but it looks like some kind of indoor play centre for children. Bayswater might even have a couple of them; I feel like it’s a thing, but one I’ve never paid a whole lot of attention to.

I have a vague memory of going to this kind of place as a kid, and there being giant, multi-lane slides, climbing nets and bouncy, colourful things galore. If that’s the case, Ryan will love the opportunity to show off his athletic prowess, and Ronald will be too overwhelmed to remember what he was upset about.