The Write Paint

Right now I’m trying to work out what colour most suits a writer. That’s right, I’m a writer. A professional one. I just thought you should know that so that you can have high expectations for this post. I’m a writer, so obviously, this writing is going to be pretty good.

Anyway, since I am now a professional writer, actually getting paid for my work, my partner and I have been able to buy our own house. We don’t have any children, so we are going to turn the spare bedroom into a study space, just for my writing. Currently, the walls are chocolate brown, which honestly is quite a ‘writer’ colour, but it just makes me hungry. I need something that feels right for a writer, without making me think about food. It’s a bit of a complicated situation I’ve put myself in here.

We have a residential painter coming around later this week to paint the walls, so I need to decide what colour I want quickly. Do I just change the shade of brown? Go with something a little lighter, perhaps? I used to have a cool bag that was probably a bit closer to pine in colour, and that really felt like a writer’s bag to me. But I’m not quite sure it would work for a wall.

Oh, I know what colour I should choose. I should definitely go with a rich, traditional mahogany. That is definitely the right colour for a writer and will look superb with the wooden walls. I should let the interior painter close to Melbourne know so that he can stock up on mahogany paint before coming here.

Mahogany. It’s perfect. That is the kind of word that a non-writer wouldn’t even be able to spell correctly. It’s exactly the sort of thing I was going for. Now when I show a guest around my house, they’ll ask what colour paint it is, because it’s so beautiful. I’ll be able to say, “Oh, it’s just mahogany,” like it’s no big deal. But it definitely is a big deal. My study will look fantastic when it’s painted mahogany.