Bring Back the Productivity

I need to get back to my roots. I’ve fallen into something of a trend, where I’ll come home from work, stop off at the gym, eat dinner, watch something mindless and mundane and collapse into bed. Now, I know that’s what most people tend to do, but I don’t want that to be me. I used to have so much time on my hands, and while having my dream job certainly isn’t something to complain about, I need to get into a better swing.

I miss my shed. I finally took Decker and crawled back in there yesterday. The place was covered in dust, and a few spiders seemed to think this was a good place to catch flies. In any case, it was good to be home. I’ll be moving out soon,and while this is a good opportunity to start afresh, I want to make changes now. I’ve been hearing in the news lately about air conditioning servicing for Canberra residents. Seriously, that city has so many heating and cooling problems. That heating grid hasn’t really helped, except to just make people think they’re living underneath an active volcano.

They need me, and my ideas. My shed awaits. Okay, I’m not that great with heating and cooling systems. Last time I tried to make an air con unit it didn’t really go well for anyone, and didn’t work anyway. Though I’d still be interested to learn how they actually work, y’know? Maybe if I could just think of some way to improve them, something that no one has thought of before. Then I could really establish my reputation as an inventor. Sure, the velcro handrails have taken off, but I’d like to increase my level of technical skills. So, heating and cooling are next on the list, and all of those who use air conditioning repairs across Canberra will rise up and call me blessed. Maybe in my new place, I can get somewhere with a bit more…space. I’m still going to miss the old one though.