Office For None

Yep, Sandra saw the office renovations happening over there, and it’s made things even MORE miserable for us. Hoorah! We’d been having a fairly decent time of things while Sandra was locked in her office working on a secret project, especially since her secretary Helena basically runs the place in her stead, all the time, behind the scenes. But then they started getting office fitouts across the way, and suddenly it’s all cylinder firing. Sandra comes out of her office like a raging bull, saying that it’s time for a change, our current office is unacceptable, and EVERYONE needs to contribute three ideas while she looks for the absolute best Melbourne company for office fitouts.

We had to take time out of our day to think of office renovation ideas, when there are actual office designers in Melbourne who can do that sort of thing for you. They do that for a JOB, but instead, we’re experiencing a dip in productivity. Man, sometimes I look out at that office across the way and mentally try to WILL myself into getting a job there. But they’re all so happy, no one ever leaves. I’m pretty sure they know our plight, and there was that one time where I placed my hand on the glass, a guy in the other office my age did the same thing, and we just…stayed that way, for a minute or so. It was raining, and very dramatic. Then Sandra told me to get back to work and stop being a drama queen.

Highly-rated Melbourne based office designers are going to save the day, I’m sure of it. Can they just…design Sandra right out of the place? That would be suggestion one, two and three from me. At the very least I hope I get a new desk with a chair that doesn’t have a horrible tilt.