Air Con is Confusing…

I had this amazing idea to stay cool at the beach, and turns out it didn’t work. We have this air con unit in our house, the one I’m renting with my friend Chad, and his friend Chad, and it works pretty well. Like, it cools the air, like some sort of…air…conditioner. It conditions the air.

So I took it to the beach. Didn’t take that long to get it off the wall and the beach is right near our house, so I just carried it down (with the remote…I’m not an idiot), and then I set it up next to my towel on the beach.

So. Yeah. Anyone know some really good air conditioning companies in Bayside? Not only did the unit not actually work, but I can’t get it back onto the wall. Yeah, apparently air con units are connected by all these wires and pipes and they don’t just…MAKE cool air out of thin air, which sounds simple to me but it’s not. It’s really not, because I tried to fix this thing for two hours and it just wasn’t happening. I always assumed that they just put this expensive white box on the wall, and in exchange, it makes cool air that helps you not die in summer, but it’s WAY more complicated than that. Chad is really mad at me, but Chad doesn’t seem to mind, maybe because he spends most of his time in his room anyway.

Anyway, if we do get another unit installed, it needs to be one that you CAN take off the wall and bring with you to the beach, because I still say that’s a good idea and more places should do that with their air conditioning. Brighton is one of those fancy suburbs with wealthy residents, I’m sure some of them would pay a pretty penny to have a portable AC unit. I’ve only had one good idea in my whole life, and it turned out to be a bad idea…but it COULD be a good idea. Maybe make it more portable as well, because carrying that huge unit under my arm was a pain.