Multi-trade business

Sometimes I help my mother and her elderly neighbours with jobs around the house. Unfortunately, there would be times when there was only so much help I could give and I’d have to decline as I didn’t want to take on a job and make matters worse due to a lack of knowledge. It was these events that inspired me to start my business. A couple of years ago I decided to put together a handyman service that includes plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cleaners, mowers etc. The premise of the business is that we’re here to help those who need it most such as the elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant women. One thing I noticed helping out my mother and her other elderly friends is that they like to have one person that they can trust to fix things around the house. Realistically, it’s next to impossible to have one person who is versatile enough to do jobs within every trade. This is why I have started this business up to include a variety of different trades. That way people only need to call one number, tell us what work needs to be done, and we’ll assign a suitable person using a trade job management software. Melbourne is a really easy city to get around so I’m thrilled that we can send people to multiple jobs in one day.

I’d say the most common tradesperson people tend to enquire about is plumbers. I guess it’s because houses can have numerous sinks and toilets so many things can go wrong. Usually, the plumbing issues aren’t a big deal. Most of the time it’s an old pipe that has gone dodgy or a drain that has clogged up. Using plumbing job management software, I can assign my plumbers to locations. They like this process as it keeps everything organised and simple. The software is great as we can schedule the approximate time it takes to do a job, what tools are needed, and also use it to organise the invoice. All my workers use this software.