Love Thy Neighbour… Not

What is the general protocol to be followed when the guy over the road puts a golf ball through your kitchen window? Yes, I’m aware that this is an unorthodox state of affairs – that’s precisely why I’m asking.

Maybe the answer is obvious – I just march over there and inform him that he going to be coughing up for the window replacement. This course of action, however, is complicated by the fact that the guy immediately came over with some freshly baked honey-apricot muffins (had he prepared them earlier for just this event?) and an apology, but dashed off before I could start talking glazing bills.

Am I meant to accept the peace offering of muffins and leave it at that? He did seem genuinely apologetic, but he didn’t indicate  any offering of monetary payment. Call me old fashioned, but I can’t fix windows with baked goods, and good will is not the same as glass repair services. Melbourne, what do you make of all this?

Compounding my confusion is that old mate’s car hasn’t been there since he got in it just after bringing over the muffins, which was yesterday afternoon. Perhaps it’s a hit and run. If so, maybe I should go over there with… I don’t know, my tennis racket, and put a few chips in his outdoor stair balustrade. That would show him.

Except that it probably wouldn’t. And it wouldn’t repair my broken window, for that matter. I’ve got it taped over for the time being, as I’ve been running around like a headless chook all day and have had no time to think about it. Looking at it now, though, I can see that it needs to be attended to ASAP.

I think I know what needs to be done. I’ll get a glazier over and leave the bill in golf guy’s letterbox, along with a thoughtful tray of home-baked brownies. What could be more neighbourly?