Dreamhouse Scheme

I can’t believe Athena hasn’t cottoned on to this ploy yet. It’s not even that underhand, honestly. I’m basically trying to provoke her into making a stylistic decision about our home by putting forward more and more outlandish interior design concepts, hoping that she’ll finally put her foot down and state an opinion on the matter. Three ridiculous renovations later, and I’m still waiting for that to happen.

I’m guessing she’s letting me have my way because I’m her sister, or maybe she thinks it’s too much effort to intervene. Either way, she’d better stand up for her tastes soon, or we’re going to be living in Barbara’s Neon And Leopard Print Dream House (complete with Unnecessary Violet LEDs). Personally, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve taken the wrong approach here, as I also have to live in this environment. 

Still, I’m hoping she’ll be swayed by my new ‘plans’ I’ve come up with for bathroom design and remodelling. Melbourne might be the national home of innovative interiors, but what I’ve suggested is a bit hectic even by these standards. So far, Athena is doing her best to look like she’s ignoring me, and I think she wants me to just stop of my own accord. If she’d get her act together and say something, I’d happily cease all this nonsense and we could collaborate on some design ideas that we both actually like.

We’re not as dissimilar as people say we are, truly. I’m not the aesthetic extremist I’ve been pigeonholed as, and Athena is not the boring twin. We’re actually both somewhere in the middle, and we could prove it by designing this house together. At this rate, though, all that will be left to do is a laundry renovation. Ideas, Melbourne friends, are a dime a dozen, but great collaborations are harder to come by, and I really want Athena to understand this.

I have to go bigger. Maybe if I pushed for a mother-of-pearl bathtub…