Braces for adults

I’ve had extremely crooked teeth my whole life. It’s never particularly bothered me but I definitely have found it uncomfortable from time to time. Occasionally I would get bleeding gums due to my teeth crowding, but beyond that, I never thought it was a big deal. I’ve always followed the notion that I brush and floss my teeth twice a day but beyond that, it’s all out of my hands. Don’t even get me started on visiting the dentist. The last time I visited the dentist, Bayside seemed to have every single resident trying to navigate the car park. To top it off, I then had to wait for forty minutes in the waiting room. The dentist did mention something which has kind of danced in my mind since the visit. Apparently, the teeth at the top of my mouth are knocking against the bottom of my mouth and this is actually extremely bad as it is wrecking my teeth enamel. Now, if I have to be totally honest, I always thought that it was normal for teeth to touch but I guess it isn’t. The dentist mentioned that if I leave this untreated I run the risk of having my teeth wear down and eventually breaking.

According to the dentist, I need braces for adults. How embarrassing is that! What thirty-something year old walks around with braces. I have a customer-facing job at a bank, I can’t serve customers with braces! I’ll look like a joke and there’s no way in hell people will trust that I know what I’m doing with their money. I’ll become the laughing stock of the bank. I’m also at that age in my life where I’m quite interested in meeting a woman to settle down with. How would I approach a female at a bar with braces on my teeth like some high school nerd? I might have to look into clear braces or Invisalign. 

Anyone else had braces in adulthood?