Bee Here Now

I love bees – they might even be my favourite creature. Even so, I don’t love the fact that they’ve set up shop in my walls. By the looks of it, they’ve been running this operation for a good while now, if the honey factory I’ve just discovered behind the plaster is anything to go by.

Let me start from the beginning. I’ve been noticing this faint buzzing around the kitchen, and figured it must be something to do with the power – in fact, I’ve been meaning to call an electrician about it all week. But this morning, I noticed a golden, viscous liquid oozing from one of the skirting boards… it was honey! A bit of poking around via the manhole in the ceiling revealed that there’s a massive colony of bees working away inside one my of my walls.

I had to rush off to work, so I’m just coming to terms with this absurd situation now. Send help! Or at least, send recommendations for Berwick pest control services – I haven’t had to call in anyone since I bought this place. There’s a sign for you, if ever you needed one, regarding not getting complacent with your home maintenance. If you hear buzzing, get it looked into.

At least this is a situation I can laugh at. Bonnie from round the corner had that whole fiasco with the termites – what a disaster! There was a very clear lesson there: don’t cut corners on termite inspections, Mornington homeowners! At the very least, call a professional exterminator instead of trusting your brother-in-law’s guesswork.

Ah, well. It all serves to remind us that we aren’t the only species on this planet. Like I said, I love bees, and part of me hates to deny them accommodation in my kitchen wall. Even termites have respectability in my book – they’re doing what needs to be done to get by, just the same as us.

Having said that, I’m not about to leave things be when it comes to insect infestations. The dominant part of me says they need to go. Sorry, bees.