The Deed Vanishes

In the aftermath of Saleron’s defeat, the realm of middle-Melbourne witnessed a golden age of peace and prosperity. The One Deed, the source of so much strife and contention, was lost to the annals of history, its power forgotten as the market flourished under principles of fairness and transparency. It passed through the hands of valiant leaders, from many a buyer’s agent based in Melbourne to the most renowned conveyancers, each steward ensuring the market’s integrity was maintained. Yet, as generations passed, the Deed slipped further from memory, its existence fading into legend, whispered in the corridors of agencies and law offices as a cautionary tale of power unchecked.

The Deed’s journey through time is a tale of shadows and whispers, of secrets kept and secrets lost. It found sanctuary in the most unlikely of places, from the vaults of esteemed legal firms to the humble offices of the best buyer’s advocate for Malvern East. Each guardian, in their time, recognised the Deed’s significance, yet feared its potential for corruption. And so, with careful hands and wary hearts, they passed it on, hoping to shield the market from the resurgence of darkness.

Unknown to the world, the One Deed awaited, its power undiminished, its words capable of binding stone and dream alike. It was in this era of forgotten legends and lost histories that the Deed found its way into the hands of the most unlikely creature – a humble homebuyer. This individual, unremarkable by the account of many, was unversed in the machinations of the market, unaware of the Deed’s power and significance. Their discovery was not born of quest or ambition, but of chance – a fateful turn that would once again draw the eyes of middle-Melbourne to the shadow of the One Deed.

The rediscovery of the Deed sets the stage for a new chapter in the saga of Melbourne’s property market. The homebuyer, innocent in their find, becomes the unwitting bearer of a power that once brought the mightiest to their knees. As word of the Deed’s return begins to spread, forces move in the darkness, drawn to the promise of power, seeking to claim the Deed for their own ends.