Puppy School Problems

The majority of the night was spent putting out fires. Literally and figuratively. 

The new kitten that Ruby’s roommate and longtime friend, Bee, had brought home had started exhibiting some strange symptoms the night before. They had been concerned a vet bill would be in their future when the cat wasn’t eating. That concern quickly turned to panic when a fireball leapt from their new pet’s mouth only a few minutes later.

Overnight, they had perfected the art of preventative care for their new pet. The kitten would arch his back, making as if to cough up a hairball. Ruby would race for the water. Bee would move the kitten over to its fireproof sandbox. Fireballs would emerge. Water. The kitten would lick its fur like nothing strange had happened. Rinse and repeat.

“We need a fire extinguisher,” Ruby sighed, flopping onto the couch as dawn broke.

Bee walked over with two cups of coffee, one of which Ruby took happily. “I’ll grab it on the way to puppy school. Cranbourne Shopping Centre might have one.” Bee sipped their coffee. “Do you reckon the dollar store might have a discount one?”

Ruby shook her head in contention. “That thing does not need a discount extinguisher. It needs a whole fire department.”

“That kitten,” Bee corrected. “Whose name I’ve decided is Blaze.”

Ruby shook her head. Her friend’s soft spot for animals was taking a turn for the worse. Here, they had an animal intent on committing a forest fire, and the only concern they had was what new cat toy or litter to buy next to help him reach his full fire-bringing potential. 

“And you’re going to have to watch him whilst I take the dogs to the local animal hospital.”

“There is no way—”

“I scheduled their c5 vaccination ages ago and I can’t cancel now.”

Ruby raised her hands in bewilderment. “How often does a dog need the c5 vaccination? You were just there last week!”

An amused smile was creeping on Bee’s face, which Ruby did not appreciate considering they had just informed her that she had to take care of a paranormal kitten alone. A kitten that they had brought home in the first place. “I was there last year, not last week,” was all that Bee responded with.

Ruby sunk further into her seat. This was going to be a long day.