I Must Move, the Cat Demands It

Once again, I am receiving the look from Antigone. That cat must have been a librarian in a past life…a librarian who either did something very good or very terrible to get themselves reincarnated into the body of a very grouchy, controlling cat. Maybe he peered over his spectacles too much, or told people off for sneezing. In any case, he’s a cat now. A judging cat.

However, I had been meaning to call the buyers advocates. Melbourne has been good to us, but nonetheless, it’s time for us to move on from this place. Apart from not having quite enough room and having to dedicate an entire study to the oxygen chamber, the summer palace I built for Antigone simply doesn’t fit in the lounge…so we need a bigger lounge.

Well, I say ‘doesn’t fit’. It’s in the lounge right now, but it does take up most of the room. I have to slip by the back wall if I want to get to my reading chair, and then I can’t stretch out my legs because Antigone doesn’t like me putting my feet up on the patio.

So, we need a buyers advocate. Well, we don’t NEED one, but Antigone really would like me to get a bit of expertise in, because he doesn’t think I can do anything myself. We clearly need help in finding a much bigger home, one in which we have a large garden, a lounge with very high ceilings and maybe a dedicated scratching post and climbing frame room. That can be my room, or…whatever. I can just sleep on a chair in the kitchen, because that room doesn’t really matter. I’m sure there are property advocates operating in Melbourne who’ve dealt with overly-demanding family members. Even overly-demanding cats. I mean, they’re property advocates…their entire job is finding homes for demanding people, demanding all kinds of things. Things for people, things for cats…