I hate editing

Do you ever find that sometimes there’s a process you need to do but there’s a certain step in that process that you just despise? For me that step is editing. I currently work for a historical tours company where we give walking tours of iconic locations in Melbourne. My personal favourite are the guided ghost tours and giving people history on hold Victorian properties that still exist. As part of the promotional material for these guided tours, we have to record footage of each location. The company knows that I have a bit of a passion for photography and videography so I have been put in charge of coordinating this task. Basically, what needs to be done is I need to drive around to over twenty-five different locations sprawled across Victoria and take photos and videos of each place. 

I am at the tail end of shooting all the footage but a few weeks ago I hit a brick wall. One of the shooting days was moved due to heavy rain but I figured rather than waste a night, I’d start editing the footage I do have. That’s when I remembered something vital; I hate editing. I have absolutely zero patience for it. I think I’m going to find a video production company. Melbourne has a few that I think could do the editing for me. I’m not sure what it is that I hate about editing, I think it’s just the whole process. I find the motions of sorting through footage extremely tiresome and draining. Then there’s the whole cutting footage together. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

There are post-production services specialising in editing so I think I might get in touch with one and let them take care of it. That way I can focus on the fun parts such as filming and can simply pass the footage to them. Due to their love and patience for video editing, there is also no doubt that they would be able to do a much better and more efficient job than me.