Concern for Colleague

Excuse me, please, while I vent just a bit. Gavin, the guy in the next cubicle over from me in the office, has been giving off some intense vibes the past month or so. He barely acknowledges me, even though we’ve been working together on the financials for the insurance project, and generally appears very tense. I actually saw him break a pen in half under his desk just now. It’s off-putting.

Look, I get that there’s probably something going on for him that I’m not privy to. Unfortunately, I can’t really ask him about it – he’s made it clear that he’s not up for talking about much of anything. But it’s getting to the point where I can’t keep working alongside him while his internal tension escalates.

Is there a Mornington psychiatry service or clinic that deals with workplaces? I’m not sure if that’s a thing or not. If it is, maybe I could somehow convince my boss to bring one in for a group assessment. Then someone other than me might notice Gavin’s behaviour and encourage him to seek support.

I don’t really know how that kind of stuff works, to be honest. Psychiatry might not even be the correct discipline for addressing this type of thing – now that I think about it, it’s got to do primarily with medical interventions, doesn’t it? I guess I was think more along the lines of psychological counselling. Either way, a mental health care professional would know the answer.

It’s one of the less stressful places I’ve lived and worked, here on the Mornington Peninsula. Psychological support isn’t something I’ve given a great deal of thought to, for that reason. But then, just because my life as a seaside law associate is a relatively peaceful one doesn’t mean that everyone else’s is.

I guess I might have been approaching Gavin in a bit of a terse way lately. This is arguably a natural response to the vibe he’s putting out, but one that’s giving rise to more defensiveness on his part and not really helping the situation.