Cars and Dentists

That was one crazy trip to the dentist, I’ll tell you that much. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a dentist doing their job while driving, but apparently it’s a thing, and it’s totally legal. I wasn’t booked in for a ‘driving appointment’, as they’re called, but I got one anyway.

When I got into the dentist’s office, I expected to have the usual time in the waiting room, followed by a regular appointment in a regular dentist’s chair. But after a couple of minutes, the dentist came out of his office and told me that he had to run a few errands. He explained that he could do his work while driving, and although I didn’t really understand how, I decided to go along with it since I couldn’t wait much longer.

As soon as I got into the dentist’s car, he asked me to find a good mechanic near Underwood, because his car needed urgent repairs. Although I wondered why he couldn’t do this in his own time, I went along with it. So I found a good shop and off we went. The dentist drove with one hand and inspected my teeth with the other. He didn’t do anything major while driving, but he got a good idea on what needed to be worked on. When we arrived at the mechanic, he told me that he needed car electrical repair. Then he took his dentist’s tools out of the boot.

While the mechanics worked on the car, my dentist worked on my teeth. It wasn’t quite as awkward as you’d expect, but I probably wouldn’t do it again. Agreeing to go with him actually cost me a lot of time, and I was late for a work appointment. I hope that he really did need those repairs done immediately because I gave up a lot for it. To make matters worse, it actually cost more than a normal appointment. Oh well. At least he’s happy.