Anyone for Cardigans?

Cardigans. Cardigans are the key.

I don’t see what everyone is getting so worked up about. There’s such a sharp divide that I feel genuinely worried that people are going to start throwing things. Next time Kathy touches the air con controls, there’s going to be a bombardment of staplers, mark my words.

And here’s me just sitting in the middle of it all, wearing a cardigan like a normal person. If it gets a bit hot, I’ll take the cardigan off. If I get chilly, I put the cardigan on. This is Melbourne, my friends; it’s what we do on a regular basis anyway, when we’re outside.

And there’s no need to bother the Bayside air conditioning companies with stupid petitions, because they have enough on their plates already. Again, this is Melbourne, where I’m sure there’s more indecision about air conditioning installation than anywhere else on the planet. Imagine installing air con for a living, having people cancel their appointments on a day when it gets a bit cloudy and the temperature drops, and then having them all re-book when it gets hot the next day. Sometimes this might even happen in the space of the same day. What a fun climate in which we live.

I tried to say this much at the latest staff meeting, when Jamilla got up on a chair (almost) and gave this dramatic speech about how we should be free from feeling a bit chilly, and we should take action to…I don’t know, I stopped listening after she went into the twelfth minute of her speech.

Basically, leave the Brighton air conditioning people alone. They’ve already installed our cooling, it doesn’t need servicing, it’s FINE. The problem is with everyone here, psychologically. Just bring in a cardigan, they’re not rare and magical items.