Property Done Quite Differently…

I might have had to leave my old job due to co-workers gossiping too much about my true nature, but I think I’m really going to fit in here. Attempts of mine to locate more of my kind have proved fruitless, but wizard folk are rare nowadays. Then again…Fred got a job, and Fred is an idiot. He struggled to master a basic transference. That’s baby’s first incantation.

Personally, I’m working in an office that deals with property, and I really do like it. The concept of owning a home is quite different in this realm, so I’ve found. You don’t go on a pilgrimage to find a castle, where you engage in a magical duel to wrest control of the space from a otherworldly being, maybe a succubus or chimera. No, you just go to a real estate agent, or look online. Or if you’re after a really nice property, there are buyers advocates available in Melbourne for your specific needs.

I would struggle to describe what they do in mortal terms. I think in our realm they would be quite similar to the summoned familiar who have eons of experience in the magical realm, and you ply them with questions and solve their riddles to find the perfect castle/underground labyrinth/ancient abandoned fortress that you can call home.

Whereas here, you just contact a buyers advocate and decide what you need. You don’t even need to solve any riddles either. Just call them up, have a chat, all very simple. The phone is in itself a miracle…no need for long-range thought projection spells when you can just send a text. Mortals are inefficient, but you have to admire their innovation.

I haven’t used the services of any property advocate professionals near Melbourne, because I’m not quite earning that much in mortal currency. I would be interested, however. Currently I’m simply sorting through mountains of paperwork while my superiors snap at me.