Muffins Yes, Animals Not So Much

Well, Sandra has lost it. We keep saying it, but then she finds a new and exciting way to lose it and we start this mad dance all over again. Thing is, she always sort of recovers in between each bout, so you think she’s over it. Like last month when we all arrived to find that she’d spent the entire night wallpapering the office with cat wallpaper, and she said it was because research has shown cats to be a calming factor. We were about to call some sort of mental health professional, but then she nailed that one deal with the loaning company from Brisbane on that very same day, so…what do you do?

Yesterday she ordered this massive basket of muffins for the new conveyancing office down near Richmond who we’ll be working with quite closely for the next few weeks on a big project. And that’s…fine. Companies don’t usually do that sort of thing until after the job is finished, but it’s not a bad idea to make a good first impression. Also, the field of conveyancing in Melbourne is huge, so it’s good to get this stuff sorted and start building some good relationships at the start.

But then it turned out that it wasn’t just muffins. Sandra had also ordered a huge box of stuffed animals and given each of them a name, corresponding to everyone in the office. Apparently it was decided according to our personalities, so that the people in the conveyancing office could get to know us before we’ve met in person.

I was an elephant, by the way. Not sure if that’s a compliment or horrible insult.

It’s not like this is a malicious act, but they’re going to find it totally bizarre. We do a lot of stuff to do with property here, so we NEED to make sure all the conveyancing and settlement places all around Melbourne don’t think we’re off our rockers. Our only choice is to intercept the shipment, and maybe have a talk to Sandra about her introduction tactics. Also, we have to eat the muffins. All the evidence gone. It is the only way.