Hope You’re Not Too Attached to the Sun

For a secret lab devoted to fringe science, we sure have a great time. That’s probably due to the fact that we’re all pretty insane, we have no qualms about betraying every moral humanity has ever adhered to, and we basically have no conscience. And so we have a great time! I love my job, and I love my co-workers. They sure do make me laugh.

And we’re working for humanity’s benefit, so, yeah…don’t even think about judging us. Today we were working on more efficient solar power, mainly with the focus of improving commercial solar system providers. Melbourne is on something of green energy boom right now and businesses are saving a fortune. Currently, solar power provides around 6% of the needs of the city, which to us just isn’t good enough. A lot of that is to do with a lack of commitment from citizens and companies, and the other part is the fact that this foolish place doesn’t receive enough sun. Now, we’re working on something that will solve THAT little problem…or blow up the sun, it’ll be interesting to see which. But there are various ways to make solar power and energy storage more efficient.

We’ve broken the barriers of science and made many new discoveries, and all because this indestructible imbecile wants to volunteer for every single procedure. Well, whatever keeps him happy. In any case, commercial energy monitoring in the future will allow for the most precise usage of power, which means efficiency will be maximised. Combined with the widespread acceptance of solar energy after we permanently change the makeup of the stratosphere, and it looks like we’ll achieve our energy goals by 2025. It’s not too late for the world to make the switch to alternative energy. Global warming is a problem for everyone, and each citizen needs to do their part.  

No one ever made any great discoveries by playing things safe!