Careers Are Us!

Careers Are Us had a huge headquarters, located in the heart of Melbourne. Rylee wasn’t sure what was going on with her new home and its history, but dammit, she was going to find out. She just hoped Cole was clear of any wrongdoing… 

She snuck in through the side entrance, after knocking out one of the guards and taking his uniform and card key. The outfit was a bit big for her, but she hoped nobody would notice.

Jon Saleson had said that the Conclave took over her – or rather, Cole’s – house in the hills. Did he know that the Mechanists owned it? How could he not? Surely he couldn’t still be involved with them. He just couldn’t.

As Rylee crept through the dark corridors of Careers Are Us HQ, she started to suspect that this was not a real staffing agency, but merely a front for Conclave activity. It felt eerily similar to the energy factory she and Maphira had once infiltrated.

Oh, dear, if Cole was still involved with the Conclave, Rylee owed Mai one heck of an apology.

She shoved aside that sinking feeling in her stomach and continued searching for the heart of the headquarters, where she would hack into one of the computers. She noticed a flyer on a nearby corkboard that read, “Need a staffing agency for infrastructure recruitment? Choose Careers Are Us!”

Up ahead, two men in lab coats walked toward Rylee, having a pleasant conversation. “Recruitment is way up this quarter!” said one of them.

“I concur!” said the other. “All our clients have given us feedback about how awesome we are doing!”

Why were two men in lab coats talking about recruitment and clients? Something was definitely off here. They passed without even looking her way, continuing to say generic things you would expect of a recruitment company.

Rylee hoped she could get the information she needed and get out as soon as possible.

Everything about this place gave her the creeps.