An Electrical Truth

Here we are, in the eastern suburbs. The Moon Club HQ is in the western suburbs, so I’m hoping us moving here will give us the chance to sort of…phase ourselves out. Like, ‘oh no, there’s too much traffic, can’t attend a meeting tonight!’ or ‘oh no, roads and bridges are closed, can’t come to drop off scrap metal for the rocket tonight!’ You know. Natural sounding stuff.

Thing is, we’ve been pretty insular for the last few years, and now we’re in a totally new suburb. Like, are there electricians servicing the eastern suburbs? People here have electricity, and cars and stuff, so they must be as equipped as in the western suburbs. In fact, I might have seen an electrician van, or…something. This is quite contrary to what the club told us, but consistent with my forbidden research. They said that Melbourne, outside of the suburb where we lived, was a horrible, non-lunar place where everyone was horrible, and all the people around us were just pretending to be nice because they’re extra horrible. But here is nice. The electricians are fast, and the people in the post office are nice (real nice, not fake nice) and the lights come on when you flip the switch. We were explicitly told by the club leaders than electricity is something they’re missing in most of Australia because they’re stuck in an unenlightened time, and that our area was only allowed electricity because it was a secret government plot. Now I learn that there are Bayside electricians all along! What a discovery. Quite the revelation indeed, to be sure.

I wonder what else is different? No doubt the leaders will have an explanation for it, and we’ll be tempted to believe…but we have to stay strong. No more lies. No more scrap metal. No more short-noticed 3am planning and adoration sessions!